Friday, May 15, 2009

V-Day - May 14th, 2009

May 14th, 2009. This day will live in infamy. This is the day I brought down google.

Children of today, and our children's children, will be able to look back at this day as the beginning of the end for our Search Engine dictator. They will be able to see our people stand up against the tyranny of adsense, of youtube, and of blogspot (please don't shut down this blog). Who can forget such scathing comments as aleeahmc's tweet earlier today:

#googlefail was a big problem yesterday. I hope it doesn't happen very often in the future or we will need to take our business elsewhere.

This day was the day that Minion Dru Dylan Johnston stood up against the machine, the day that the small man took over the large corporation, the day that david beat goliath.

And how did it happen? Let me tell you, oh curious one: Dru Johnston got online and tried to google Miss California... google did not respond... it had crashed... I can only assume it was because I tried to google Miss California one too many times that it could handle, found it's weak little womp rat death star weak point, took aim and fired, destroying this death star of search engines.

It had to me... it had to be my search that killed Google... it's the only way this ending is poetic.

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