Friday, May 15, 2009

Previous foiled attempts to take down google

  • I tried to google the word "google" thinking there would be some sort of Back to the Future anomaly and google, and the universe as we know it, would cease to exist. Instead I just found a link to Google. Failure.

  • In order to overwhelm it I tried to search for something new every minute for a day... apparently it can handle this...

  • I wrote them a firmly worded email.

  • I organized a group boycott of google... but then I realized I did this through gmail.

  • In order to avoid the above happening again, I organized a boycott of the internet in general. But I would foolishly keep checking my google reader for updates on how it was doing

  • I decided I would only use alta-vista for my search queries... that lasted a week

  • I opened my computer's browser window to google and then blew up my computer

  • I tried to set google up with a girl who I knew would be trouble

  • I gave google a copy of the movie the ring, hoping it would kill it

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